Friday, August 20, 2010

mgmt and ice cream

what do these two completely unrelated, but very excellent things have to do with each other?


last week, my friend called and asked if i wanted to go to mgmt with him. he had an extra ticket, as well as backstage passes.

as you might have gathered, this wasn't one of the harder decisions i've had to make.

when we arrived at the concert, we were directed to an entrance behind the stage. although i do not frequent the backstage gatherings, i don't believe that this was your typical experience. when we arrived, there was a buffet of food set up for the crew, and ten or so of the crew members sat around various tables covered with cheesy plastic tablecloths. we sat down at an empty round table. just as my disappointment about my backstage experience was settling in, four men walked up to our table and introduced themselves. it took me a bit longer than acceptable to realize that the four men were mgmt.

before i had time to digest that we were all sitting around a plastic-clad table chatting about god knows what, andrew vanwyngarden (lead singer) placed a large paper bag in front of us and asked "would you mind trying our ice cream flavor we are developing for emack & bolios?" before i had time to say something embarrassing, he pulled out two pints of ice cream and gave each of us our own. i honestly can not remember what else was discussed for the rest of our time backstage. i quickly lost interest in the band, and redirected all my energy in polishing off a pint of ice cream in record time.

the whole story feels like it should be preceded with "i had the weirdest dream last night...."

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