Wednesday, May 11, 2011

jenna lyons, fashion goddess

gnarly neon

i guess its fairly obvious at this point that i like neon more than a friend. its serious. my stone cold fox roommate, having a good idea of my hankering for neon, pointed out this bag to me from the cambridge satchel company.

neon? check! across the chest strap? check! enough space to fit my useless crap? check!

i like the green one best. not that i like to play favorites, but neon green is my favorite of all the neons.

there is no "i" in neon

image: team neon extreme takes a break from running for a paparazzi photo opp. learn about the team here!

on may 6th and 7th, 12 friends ran 189 miles from quincy, ma to provincetown, cape cod with one goal (aside from making it to the finish in one piece); to raise money and awareness for frontotemporal degenoration (ftd), a rare progressive brain disease that affects an estimated 250,000 americans. what is unique about this group of friends is only two of the twelve people were directly affected by ftd, but the other 10 runners and many friends and supporters, formed a team. this team quickly became a family, and that family set a goal to raise a lofty $15,ooo for ftd. they ended up raising over $25,ooo and along the way did something wonderful for all colors neon and the like.

thank you to all the people that became a part of this amazing neon family of ours. i am eternally grateful

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

neon nails

images via: american apparel

american apparel - obvs.

before i die...

images via: candy chang

i've always been a fan of chalkboard paint, but reading about installation artist candy chang's before i die project on the nylon blog, it brings chalkboard paint to a whole new level.

chang covered the side of an abandoned house in new orleans for people to write what is most important to them. "before i die transforms neglected spaces into constructive ones where we can learn the hopes and aspirations of the people around us."

according to chang, “this project is currently expanding with more installations" - come to boston!

band aid craze

as someone who is constantly cut, bruised and blistered, i am looking to spice up the run of the mill, flesh colored (ew) bandaids. aaaand, let me tell you, my prospects are looking good....

cynthia rowley for band aid brand

keep calm and carry on at paper source
pac-man at fred flare

happy scraping!


im sorry if i am 8 steps behind here - but devotchka??!!!! I just youtube-d the ish out of these homeboys. they were featured on the little miss sunshine soundtrack and the showtime show weeds.

truth be told - im a sucker for that violin sound. so rad.