Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the sartorialist

a friend just sent me the most amazing blog called the sartorialist. it is written by a man who once worked in sales and marketing for a high end women's designer. he always felt there was a disparity between the clothes he was selling and what he was seeing on people in real life. so he started the sartorialist. to share the real life, inspiring people that he captures throughout the world.

going through the site, i fell in love with this photo. need those camel pants.

where in the world...

this weekend i was in anthropologie drooling over their home section (i pretty much love everything in there). while browsing, i picked up a gorgeous antique globe, only to find that it was labeled "prop" and not for sale. dejected, i put it down, but haven't given up on the idea of getting a globe for my apt. i know everyone has played this game, but i like to spin the globe and randomly put my finger down, and pretend thats where i might live (and if i get antarctica, i usually spin again - no offense).

in my globe research i found an amazing company called replogle globes. they are the oldest globe manufacturer in the world. you can learn everything you would ever want to know (or not) about globes here.

Friday, September 10, 2010

yacht week

this video should win an emmy. i would legit sell my kidney on the black market to do this.


image via: we heart it

"happiness depends upon ourselves"



just bought tickets to ra ra riot (october 1st) and fun. (december 3rd).